SAM manages assets in small-cap value, smid-cap value, mid-cap value, and all-cap value equity portfolios for institutions and high-net-worth individuals.

SAM's investment approach is characterized by value-orientated, concentrated, opportunistic portfolios built from the bottom up that exhibit extraordinary or asymmetric risk/reward profiles (i.e. Steinberg Stocks).  SAM's fundamental analysis and focus on the strength of a company's core business, balance sheet, sustainable free cash flow and the value of its underlying assets is designed to preserve and grow capital across a market cycle and generate positive, absolute returns over a three to five-year investment horizon.

High Active Share

SAM’s portfolios tend to differ materially from their benchmark, which is referred to as high Active Share. Active Share is a measure of the percentage of stock holdings in a portfolio that differ from the benchmark index.

SAM’s Active Share has averaged in excess of 95% over the last ten years.


SAM calculates Active Share as follows: The sum of the absolute values of the different weightings of each holding in the All-Cap Value Equity Composite versus each holding in the Russell 3000® Value Index, divided by two.

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