Portfolio Management Team

At Steinberg Asset Management, LLC (SAM), all members of the Investment Team, especially the Portfolio Management Team, are generalists and conduct primary company research in search of the best investments that meet its criteria.

SAM's Portfolio Management Team is tasked with three key objectives:

  1. Setting the investment strategy, which includes reviewing and defining the investment context and identifying broad investment themes.

  2. Reviewing new investment opportunities and overseeing SAM's proprietary bottom-up, fundamental research process.

  3. Constructing the portfolio to ensure the portfolio reflects both the relative and absolute conviction for each holding.

The Portfolio Management Team, led by Michael A. Steinberg, is responsible for implementing investment decisions, which includes setting specific buy/sell price targets and establishing individual position sizes.

Michael A. Steinberg - Managing Partner, Portfolio Manager/Analyst

Mr. Steinberg’s career in investment management spans over 49 years.  He founded Steinberg Asset Management (SAM) in 1982.  Prior to 1982, Mr. Steinberg spent five years as a partner at Sloate Weisman Murray & Steinberg, a money management and brokerage firm.  That association followed almost 10 years as a securities analyst, portfolio strategist, and money manager with Loeb Rhoades, which he joined after receiving a BS from Syracuse University and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. 

Justin S. Steinberg - Partner/Analyst

Mr. Steinberg has 11 years of investment experience. Prior to joining SAM, he worked in the Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley covering a variety of industries and clients, with a focus on financial sponsors. Before joining Morgan Stanley, Mr. Steinberg served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding under New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He holds a BA in Political Science from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.






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